About Us

28 years ago, after graduating from McGill University, Sandra Pollack found herself entering an industry that was in great turmoil. After meeting with numerous self-employed professionals and business owners, it became apparent that many of the issues they experienced as a result of their success were never really resolved to their satisfaction. The lack of time due to increasing demands from their practices, businesses and families, and lack of communication among professional advisors and financial institutions left many individuals feeling like they had put “band aids” on their planning, yet never felt fully in control of their affairs or truly satisfied. In many cases, they preferred to put recommendations on the back burner, for fear of making a decision that would jeopardize their control over what they had worked so hard to achieve. This was resulting in increased complexity for themselves and their families.

Self-employed professionals and entrepreneurs are especially unique. They feed many families, both directly and indirectly. This special group of people are constantly barraged with competitive issues and economic complexities, yet feel a deep sense of responsibility for their families and those whom they employ. The weight of these responsibilities may sometimes feel overwhelming.

Sandra understands those pressures and has built a financial advisory firm based on appreciating that each family business has its own unique set of values and issues. The priority to understand first, has been the basis of creating deep relationships that extend well beyond generations.

Besides helping her clients protect their wealth and strengthen their balance sheets, Sandra knows that it takes a very different kind of advisor and different level of discretion for her clients to share what’s most important to them. More and more entrepreneurs and self-employed professionals rely on Sandra and her professional team to share her perspective and advice as it relates to unravelling the complexities that success and wealth bring.

Along with a team of caring client support individuals who go above and beyond in creating a client-centred financial advisory practice, we work to ensure deep client relationships, sensitivity and prompt, confidential service.