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We make the investment in time in order to really understand what matters to you. Our Strategic Wealth Process ™ not only leads to clarity and confidence, but most importantly, ensures you control what you have worked so hard to build.


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Strategic Wealth Process

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+ 1. Discovery

Our process is values-based and goal driven. That means critical conversations are necessary before anyone can suggest a meaningful path forward or offer advice. Without knowing what’s important to you today, and getting a sense for what’s going to be important to you, your family and your business in the future, one would be hard-pressed to offer any relevant advice.

Our Discovery phase ensures that we deliver advice based on a shared understanding of what matters. It focuses on the “Why” of planning as we explore your Mission, Vision, Values and Goals, and creates the foundation for professional advice.

+ 2. Creative Solutions

The second phase of our process is our Creative Solutions phase. We analyze the challenges and opportunities that have been uncovered in the Discovery phase, apply our models of analysis and forecasting, and identify appropriate options to solve those problems. Throughout this phase, your priorities are held as the reference point for the work we do so that the solutions are based entirely on your values and goals.

+ 3. Strategy Deployment

The Implementation phase of our process is where you’ll make the important decisions about how best to move forward. Based on the advice that has been developed, and in the context of a thorough Discovery, you’ll be in the driver’s seat with the perspective, information and options you need. Upon your decisions, we’ll move into action, often times partnering with your existing advisors, such as accountants, lawyers, money managers and others. We play a “quarterbacking” role throughout the implementation so that all parties have a unified strategy to deliver on your goals.

+ 4. Creative Solutions

The final phase of The Strategic Wealth Process™ is designed to sustain the results. This is a process, not an event, and it will require attention into the future to ensure that your decisions have been fully implemented. Also, situations change over time, your desires may change over time and other circumstances may arise that need to be addressed. Regular annual review will help keep the advice in step with what’s important to you, and can adjust to any problems that may arise.


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Reasons to Meet with Trimaran Financial

Thoughtful Approach – Providing comprehensive financial advice isn’t something to be done lightly. It requires the ability to handle the concrete issues of good analysis and strategic financial thinking while also confronting some of the more sensitive concerns of family and business dynamics. It must take into account how you want your wealth handled, what you want to see happen to your business and how to protect what you’ve worked hard to create. It also requires the ability to truly understand what the implications of the advice will be on each family member, on future generations, on business partners, and for senior employees. Sandra’s experience and high awareness allow her to thoughtfully and professionally support her clients as they deal with sensitive, long-term decisions while ensuring that their decisions are based on their values, priorities and goals.




Sandra Pollack


Founder & Principal - Trimaran Financial

For the past 28 years, Sandra has understood the pressures of owning a business, and has built a financial advisory firm based on appreciating that each family business has its own unique set of values and issues. Besides helping her clients protect their wealth and strengthen their balance sheets, Sandra knows that it takes a very different kind of advisor and different level of discretion for her clients to share what’s most important to them.