Sandra, having taken the time and effort to understand our company and my personal and family needs, provided a detailed Financial Security Plan that satisfied all our requirements by conscientiously merging not only the issues that I mandated to Trimaran, but also other issues that Sandra understood had to be included into a comprehensive Financial Security Plan. The services provided to us were in excess of what we anticipated. We are grateful for the professional, qualitative process that was followed. We would strongly recommend the use of Trimaran and Sandra Pollack’s services.

The Design Associates Ltd.


What has appealed to me most about dealing with you, is how you put me at ease and your air of trustworthiness.

Over the years the cycle of discussion, clearly presented information, research, re-grouping, final recommendations and eventual financial action has served us well.

Through your interaction with our other financial advisors you have come to know our needs, wants, limitations as well as our strong points. As small business owners it is a given that how our business progresses defines how our personal financial situation progresses as well. This cross over of information from business to personal allows you to advise us specifically based on our situation and not by some general business rule.

Of all the various aspects of financial advice and service you provide on both a personal and business level assurance regarding loss of income, health or loss of life is where you have provided the most valuable peace of mind.

Ben and Sandra Colasanti (Euro Ceramics)

You go out of your way to understand the history of your client (us), which has given you greater understanding of what we need and want in order to push forwards. With this knowledge you have been able to give better and sounder advice through a solid and achievable plan. Without a plan there is no goal, without a goal the future is unclear and unmapped. You are our personal financial ‘Navigator” and “GPS”. Now, we feel we can work our time and efforts to attain our goals in a much clearer and efficient way. Thank you for being so accessible. You make us feel we are important!

Phillip Blake, President (Starr Gymnastics & Fitness)


Sandra Pollack has worked with Frank and I as our financial advisor for over twenty years. She has excellent interpersonal skills which have allowed her to retain clients for many years. Sandra carefully considers our financial needs before making any recommendations.

She is always willing to go the extra mile, Sandra is extremely diligent, her communication skills are excellent, she has a strong work ethic and is very much goal oriented.

Frank & Clara Cardinali (Drain-All)


Sandy Pollack has been our financial advisor for many years. When we started working with Sandy we had our own business and a young family. Over the years, we have started other businesses, sold businesses and looked at many investment ideas. Sandy has always had a keen interest in what we are doing, has given us good input and provided us, when needed, with many contacts within the community for both business and personal matters. She has maintained frequent contact with our accountant to keep on top of both our business and personal financial issues. With Sandy’s help we have been able to keep our main focus which was financial security for our children.

Our children are now young adults. With the investments we have made through Sandy over the years, we are able to give them a good start. Our daughter is now working with Sandy to help manage her own finances. We feel that our children will be very comfortable going to Sandy for financial advice should the need arise in the future.

Sandy is not only a knowledgeable financial advisor but a trusted personal friend who we feel we can turn to at any time.

Terry and Wit Lewandowski (Quinte Gardens)